cozia monastery romania

Cozia Monastery, located 5 km from the resort Calimanesti - Caciulata, was erected by Mircea the Elder in 1388 (that is also buried here), is one of the most valuable monuments of national medieval art and architecture in Romania, combining local architectural styles and Byzantine motifs.

Inside you can discover amazing well preserved frescoes that date back over 600 years. The Cozia Monastery was painted between 1390 and 1391. Some of the original frescoes (1390) are still well preserved. Also inside are the graves of some important rulers of Romania from that period.

The fortified cloister dates from the foundation (1388) and is the only one in Byzantine style preserved in Romania. Two chapels are incorporated in the side toward the Olt River and their Byzantine cupolas are reflected in the water, creating one of the most iconic natur