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 The Bica Funicular (Portuguese: Ascensor da Bica), sometimes known as the Elevador da Bica is situated on the edge of the Pombaline downtown area of Lisbon overlooking the Tagus River, implanted along an axis dominated by an accentuated slope. Its course follows an area of predominantly rental buildings constructed during the 18th century.

 The Bica funicular, much like the Funicular of Lavra and the Gl√≥ria Funicular, is moved by the Tramway system: using cable and water weights, with the cars equipped with water deposits.

The mechanical motor of the elevator was installed in 1890, after the conclusion of the public work. Yet, the lift only began functioning on 28 June 1892, after a couple of years of tests.

The lower station is almost hidden behind a facade on the Rua de S. Paulo with the inscription Ascensor da Bica.

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 The mysterious masonic Initiation Wells (inverted towers) are located in Sintra Town, abouth 1h from Lisbon, Portugal on the Quinta da Regaleira domain gardens. There are two wells on the property that better resemble underground towers lined with stairs.    

 These wells never served as water sources. Instead, they were used for ceremonial purposes that included tarot initiation rites, and masonic rituals.

 The mystery of the wells continues to draw tourists from all over the world today. The park is open daily to anyone, if you are brave enought you can go up or down the mysterious wells and admire the influence of António Augusto Carvalho Monteiro, the one who in 1904 transformed the park into an open exhibition embeding mysterious masonic, esoteric and alchemical symbolsim in

cozia monastery romania

Cozia Monastery, located 5 km from the resort Calimanesti - Caciulata, was erected by Mircea the Elder in 1388 (that is also buried here), is one of the most valuable monuments of national medieval ar

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